10 Signs You And Your Crush Are Meant To Be


Romance can be tricky sometimes. Our heart can lead us down roads and towards people that may not be quite right for us. It can be difficult to differentiate between real love and plain like. In order to truly confirm that your crush is ‘the one’, it is important to keep an eye out for the clues. Things like how you feel when you see them hang out with people of the opposite sex. While we agree that it is not easy to simply stop crushing on someone, these 10 signs will certainly help you figure out who in your life is worth loving, cherishing and keeping.

Healthy Balance


This is similar to the idea of maintaining a work-life or dietary balance. We all have our flaws and imperfections that cannot be overcome. We can, however, meet someone who compliments our weaknesses by making up for them. For example, if you are an introvert, your partner can help by speaking up for you in situations in which you cannot. Or, if your partner is feeling nervous before a big event, you can help them out by remaining calm and reasonable.

Through your differences you both can create a synergy that helps both raise or lower the tension between the two of you, depending on the situation. This is what couples mean when they say, “We complete each other”. You are meant to be if you learn from each other’s mistakes, borrow strength from each other and basically fit together perfectly like two puzzle pieces.

Sharing Secrets


We all have our little secrets. The snippets of information that we keep to ourselves range from minor to shocking. If you hesitate in sharing them with your partner that means that you don’t trust them enough to entrust sensitive information to them. You have your guards up around them all the time. When your partner is wrong for you, you always hide your secrets and even resort to lying to them. They are ‘the one’ when you don’t hesitate in spilling the truth to them. You feel secure in sharing details of your dark past with them. And the feeling becomes more rewarding when they respond with their own secrets and hidden thoughts. Being completely open and trusting each other is the first step to a potentially long-term and fulfilling relationship.



This point will certainly make it clear whether you should stick with your crush or not. One of the major milestones in any relationship is when you introduce your partner to your friends and family. It signifies the change of your relationship from shallow to serious. Here’s why connecting your crush to the other people in your life is so important: it shows that you are meant to be! When you harbour strong feelings for someone, you naturally want to show them off to the world. You wish to integrate them into your life, along with the people who have been around longer than them. But if you keep on making excuses whenever your family asks to see your partner, perhaps it is a sign that you two are not destined to be in each other’s lives.

Happy To Fight


No relationship is without arguments. It’s always tough when you have your first fight – in fact, most couples tend to break it off the moment they fall into hard times. But you know that you’re meant to be when you both actively strive to figure out a solution and repair your broken relationship. True lovers stick with each other through both the good and bad times. They refuse to let a tiny disagreement get the best of them.

Studies have proven that relationships in which partners focus on finding a healthy solution to their fights last longer and are happier. Fights are completely normal and are actually a great stress reliever! So, do not fret if you have some unresolved disagreements with your crush. There is always a chance to strengthen your bond and make things alright. Your partner will be happier when they see that you are willing to handle them at their worst and will surely respond similarly.


Jealousy is one of the major emotions that lead to breakups. Imagine that you’re scrolling through your social media and see a person of the opposite sex to your crush leave a very flirty comment on their profile. What would be your immediate reaction? Would you confront your crush and accuse them of cheating on you? Look through their phone secretly and try to figure out if they are really just friends? Or just brush it off and pay no attention to the comment? If you chose one of the first two options, then you probably aren’t going to last long together. Jealousy stems from insecurities, grudges and aggression. A little jealousy is fine now and then, but too much is extremely detrimental to your relationship. The key is to navigate around it by being mature and talking things out. A little or no jealousy is all you need to ensure a happy and secure relationship.

Be Yourself


It’s completely alright wanting to look your best for your crush. But it’s not okay to stretch the act too much. Nobody is perfect so do not expect yourself to be composed and confident in front of your partner all the time. There is a difference in looking your best and pretence. Do not filter your words, thoughts and actions out of fear of them judging or condemning you. Be confident in yourself, with all your uniqueness and eccentricities, and the right one will surely come along. Someone who loves you for who you are, not what they want you to be.

Best Friends


Make your crush your best friend. It’s a good sign if you genuinely love hanging out with them and doing activities that friends do together. It means you have potential to last longer together. The University of Vancouver recently published research that proves that those individuals who said that their spouse was their best friend were happier and more fulfilled than individuals who did not say so. Having someone with you always who you can share your troubles and worries with is very helpful for your happiness and security. Nothing beats having romantic feelings for someone you already have a deep connection with. So, always remember to cater to both the romantic and platonic aspects of your relationship.

Mind Readers


Forget comic books – if you want to witness a real mindreading session, all you need to be is in the company of a couple who are truly in love with each other. They say that you become more like the person you love over time and we see couples like that all the time. Note whether you and your crush finish each other’s sentences or if you say the same thing at the same time. It may seem like a mere coincidence but if this happens over and over, we have good news for you: this means that you and your crush’s compatibility is off the charts! Don’t be freaked out if you feel like your partner can read your mind sometimes – it’s definitely a good sign.



It is so important for you and your crush to have a similar sense of humour. If you think you have a weird sense of humour, don’t worry. There is surely someone out there who laughs at the same thing you do. Brownie points if you and your crush have plenty of inside jokes and secret laughs. Laughing together builds a strong base for a lasting relationship and creates a natural rhythm where you and your crush are of the same mind. Whenever you are together, a majority of the time should be spent in laughter. Days spent genuinely smiling are days well spent, after all. Try taking them to a stand-up comedy show or simply watching a favourite comedy movie together at home.



We all fall in love in different ways. You could have fallen for your crush’s looks at the first go or started finding them physically attractive after getting to know their personality. Many people start dating or get married and skip the physical part due to society’s expectations. But if there’s no physical attraction, the relationship will not last. If you both enjoy your crush’s company, communicate with them effectively, value their presence and support as well as find them physically irresistible, there’s no reason why you two aren’t meant to be together forever.

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