6 Plastic Surgery You Would Not Believe How Bad They Gone Wrong


A shocking number of people opt for plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures every year. Whether they are celebrities or common folks like us, everyone seems to correct, alter and enhance something they don’t like about themselves. Whether it is for a genuine reason, out of habit or for the pursuit of perfection, not everyone gets away with. Here are some plastic surgeries that went so wrong, they shouldn’t have ever happened.

6. Renee Zellweger


Renee Zellweger shot to fame with Bridget Jones’s diary and the audiences couldn’t get enough of this beautiful, American sweetheart. Somewhere along the line, Zellweger disappeared altogether and we didn’t see any more of her on the big screens or the smaller ones.

We speculated for some time but then, as life goes, we forgot about Bridget Jones and moved on. However, in 2014 Zellwegger made an appearance at ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards looking… different. Naturally, people attributed her changed appearance to having gone under the knife. Zellwegger shot down all these rumors claiming that people change and mature as they grow older. She even penned an op-ed for The Huffington Post titled “We Can Do Better.”

She writes, “Maybe we could talk more about why we seem to collectively share an appetite for witnessing people diminished and humiliated with attacks on appearance and character and how it impacts younger generations and struggles for equality.”

5. Amanda Lepore


Lepore was born a boy and started transitioning ever since she turned 15 years old with black market estrogen. Her transformation and feminization has been a long, silicone enhancement riddled path on which she started out idealizing the likes of Marilynn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Resembling a modern day Jessica Rabbit, Amanda Lepore claims to have one of the most expensive bodies in the world. She has become a toast of Manhattan life where she makes appearances at clubs, models for some of the top agencies in US and internationally and also performs burlesque. Unlike a lot of people who get work done, Amanda Lepore flaunts hers confidently, “I sometimes think about doing getting more stuff done to my body, but not really… Plastic surgery is for when you don’t like things… Everything I’ve got already looks so good.”

4. Dennis Avner


Taking the conventional cosmetic surgery a bit further Dennis Avner, or Catman, held the world record for “most permanent transformations to look like an animal”. He had more than 14 surgical procedures and body modifications to look like his spiritual animal, the Stalking Cat.

In addition to just focusing on his face and bone structure and to modifying them, Avner also had his teeth morphed into fangs. He also got dermal implants to be able to wear whiskers whenever the mood strikes. He also had his entire face tattooed to resemble that of a Bengal tiger’s.

3. Hang Mioku


Turns out, plastic surgery addiction is a real thing and this is what happened to Hang Mioku. She had her first procedure done at 28 years of age and was so hooked that she moved to Japan, from South Korea, to get more work done. Following one surgery after another, she ended up with a completely disfigured face and still wouldn’t stop.

Her doctors stepped in and refused to perform any more surgeries on her. Desperate, Hang Mioku turned to her own devices. She began injecting cooking oil into her face. By the end of it all, Hang was deeply regretful and said she just wanted her old face back.

2. Andressa Urach


A Brazilian model and former escort, Andressa was blessed with a beautiful face. But as human nature goes, she just wasn’t satisfied with what she had below her neck. In order to make her thighs and hips looker bigger for appearances sake, she tried a short cut and injected silicone into herself.

She was rushed to the hospital a few days later with an advanced leg infections due to the leaking fillers. It caused her vital organs to shut down and she almost lost her life.

1. Justin Street


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