Things Women Do When They’re Cheating in Relationship


Every person wants a sincere and understanding partner. Many of us think of spending our life with someone who can go through every thick and thin of our life. But mostly the case is completely opposite. People tend to cheat their partners over time, just because they do not find them interesting or they have found someone who is more compatible. The thing is now that what if that person is you? What if your partner is cheating on you and you are just too innocent to detect what he or she is up to? Do not over think. We have collected a list of some common indicators that will help you catch your partners when they are cheating.

Fighting over almost everything:


Fighting over small things, and continuously blaming you for everything that goes wrong is the one of the clearest indicator that your girlfriend is actually cheating on you. Well this cannot always be right. May be she is going through a rough emotional patch in her life. But if you find that there is nothing negative going on in her life and she still fights with you, then congratulations my friend, she is cheating on you. The psychological reason behind doing this is that she wants this fight to reach a level where either one of you get pissed off and end this relationship. Ending a relationship like this not only hides her mistake, but also lightens the burden of cheating.

She has a new male friend:


If your girlfriend has a new male friend, and she starts spending time with him then there might be something happening. The chances of cheating are a mere “possibility” in this case. But if she hangs out with him without informing you, does not discuss him with you and does not even introduce you to him then this is no longer a possibility. Now it is certain that she is surely cooking something that you cannot smell. A woman, while cheating, does not want her new lover to interact with her boyfriend. Just because that might create an embarrassing situation for all the people that are involved.

She wants your daily schedule suddenly:


Well most of our readers might think that knowing each other’s schedule is not a cheating indicator but a sign that you partner is caring. Think of your girlfriend when she was in a newly formed relationship with you. Did she ever take interest in your routine like she is taking now? If the answer is no, then this sudden fluctuation is a strong sign that she doing evil things.

The reason behind this inquiry is that she wants to know when you are busy and occupied, so that she can plan her dates with the new guy. The solution to this problem is that you should tell her a wrong schedule and give her a surprise visit. There are a high risk of you suffering a heart attack while watching your girlfriend in bed with someone else. So the choice is yours.

She is preoccupied:


Whenever you tell your girlfriend something important, you find daydreaming and thinking about some other things. There could be a risk that she is cheating. But more often than not, the situation might be difference. Being preoccupied is not always caused by cheating. The reason behind this can be anything, for instance, workload pressure or the fragile family matters. Before blaming her and assuming wrong things, ask her about what is happening in her life.

If she starts defending herself before you blaming her, then your girlfriend is surely cheating on you. A culprit always tries to justify himself or herself even before the blame being put against them. Catching this incredibly small signal and reacting appropriately is what people find difficult to handle. Just gather enough courage to ask her about what’s happening in her life and try to know her point of view and closely listen to what she says or observe what she does when you start discussing it.

The silence after the accusation:


Accusing your girlfriend is not always wrong. This might prove to be a blessing in disguise. If she keeps quite after your blame then this is a strong proof that she is cheating. There are multiple reasons behind her silence. Her silence might be her refusal to lie, and she wants you to understand that she likes someone else and she cannot tell you. Or may be her brain is not efficient enough to process what you suddenly threw. Many people say that accusing your girlfriend for something that is nothing more than a doubt is not good. This is right up to some extent. And this step might invite a long conflict. But you have to take the risk required. I mean you cannot just stay there, looking at your girlfriend sitting and thinking of something else which she is not willing to discuss with you.

She hides her mobile from you:


Your girlfriend hiding her phone from you makes it clear that she has something to hide. No matter how important the person is, refusal to hand out her phone to her partner is not ideal for the relationship to flourish. If your girlfriend continuously hides her phone and stops using her phone when you are with here, then this can be a sure thing that she is with someone whom she loves and does not want you to know about. Yes we completely understand the privacy that exists among the couples, but hiding mobile phone every time and clearing the chat histories are pretty much it. You cannot find a stronger proof than this.

Dying affection and the lovely romance ending:


Sometime ago your girlfriend was one of the best thing that has ever happened in your life. She was cuddly and romantic. She used to make anything look romantic and she was always eager to make you happy. Her affection and likeness towards you was both emotional and physical at the same time. But now she is very boring.
She does not let you come near her and touch her romantically and even kiss her neck and cheeks. Well the reason is quite clear, she has a new guy in her life that she finds more adorable and lovable than you. May be she thinks that making love with you in bed is nothing but cheating on the new guy that she has now. Letting your girl stay away from you at this time for too long is too dangerous for your relationship. And this might prove to be a signal showing that the game is over for you and there is now a guy playing with your princess.

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