11 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You


You don’t have to be the jealous sort to get the feeling that your girlfriend might not be as faithful as you would like to believe. You might not be able to pinpoint why you feel that way, but the feeling is so strong that it just can’t be shrugged of. However, just a feeling is not something you can use to accuse your partner of a crime as heinous as cheating.

Until you have concrete proof of infidelity, you can’t do anything about your predicament. Not being sure of where you stand in your relationship can be annoying. Here are a few effective markers that can help you gauge if your partner might be sneaking around your back. Better safe than sorry, right?

11. She no longer thinks of the both of you as a collective unit


Independent women are to be admired and deserve our utmost respect. When dating an independent woman, their self-sufficient behaviour is what attracts most men in the first place. However, when you are in a committed relationship, you stop acting like a singular entity and start operating as a collective unit. If you were part of a couple that did everything as a team, but she is now making solitary decisions, it might be a subtle yet effective way of telling you that she might have a replacement lined up already.

10. She picks out flaws in everything you do


If she is continuously picking out flaws in everything that you do, the chances are that she is rearing up to break up with you. When someone is making you feel like you are constantly in the wrong, they are trying to wire you into feeling responsible for the impending doom of the relationship.

It is partly guilt at leaving you that makes them so cranky, and partly a defense mechanism to help them justify their actions that makes them act this way. Whatever the underlying reason, the truth is that if she can’t stop making you feel like you’re doing everything wrong, she might be on the verge of leaving you.

9. She is tracking your every move


Everyone knows that the number one rule of cheating is to make sure you don’t get caught. If your girlfriend or wife is closely monitoring your every move, constantly asking you where you are and when you might be free, chances are that she is mapping out your entire schedule to make sure that you two never run into each other.

So while you might find it sweet when your significant other keeps checking up on you, bear in mind the ulterior motives, they might have behind their seemingly nice actions!

8. She’s being dismissive


If your girlfriend is being vague about her answers or is being strangely dismissive, you might have a problem. Whenever a woman starts shrugging off whatever you have to say or keeps finding more important things to do than listening to you, you should start digging around for clues.

7. She’s incredibly busy at work


Being professionally sound is the right of every human being, and no supportive partner would hinder their spouse’s advancement in their professional life. However, if professional commitments start seeping into your personal lives, it might be cause for alarm.

If your spouse is going to frequent business trips and office parties and has to stay over late repeatedly, you might need to worry. Luckily, it is fairly easy to catch someone in a lie if it is work-related.

6. She isn’t opening up to you


Contrary to what most people believe, cheating is not solely a physical act. Sometimes you might feel cheated in a relationship if your spouse is relying on someone other than you to fulfil their emotional needs.

If your spouse has forged an intense emotional bond with someone other than you, it can be just as heartbreaking as physical intimacy. The fact that they are opening up to someone other than you is definitely a cause for alarm.

5. She’s making a remarkable amount of new friends


Anyone who is part of a big corporate setup or has a vast social circle is bound to be making new friends left, right and centre. While there is nothing wrong with having some fresh faces amongst a vast sea of familiar faces, being continuously surrounded by new people can be an indication that something isn’t right.

Moreover, if you are not being invited to meet all these new friends, you are in big trouble and so is the state of your relationship. Finding a completely new social circle is often an indication that you are trying to move into a newer crowd, something that one might do when trying to spend more time with a new significant other. Beware!

4. The bedroom is just for sleeping


No intimate relationship is ever complete without a healthy sex life. While no one needs to constantly engage in a physical display of love and affection, how spontaneous you are in bed can actually be a great indicator of the health of your relationship.

There are ups and downs in all relationships, but if you get physically distant from each other, or the interest in physical intimacy dwindles, there might be a serious problem. If she has no physical needs that need to be met by you, the chances are that she is getting her fill somewhere else.

So either she is extremely unhappy with how things are and is thinking of making a move towards drifting away or has made that decision already. Either way, your relationship requires serious looking into.

3. Her phone is getting more action than you


Being obsessed with smartphones is a problem that runs rampant amongst all couples and not only the ones that are more inclined to cheating. Nowadays, we can spend the entire day with someone while actually avoiding spending any real time with them.

If your partner is tapping away on her phone more than usual, spending more time with her phone than she does with you, it might be time for an intervention. She might be cheating, or she might just be really engrossed in her social media. Either way, it is important to confront your partner on matters that upset you, and you should never shy away from asking for the love and attention you deserve.

2. She has had a big beauty makeover recently


After the both of you have been together for a while, you will notice that your partner eventually slips into a more comfortable role with you. Instead of trying to be sexy all the time, they become less superficial and fixated on trying to impress you.

This transition from flashy to comfortable is a testament to the fact that the two of you are in a stable place and she can finally be herself around you. However, if she has suddenly started putting in an extra special effort into her appearance, it might mean bad news for you. Unfortunately, her renewed efforts might not be directed towards you. The chances are that she is trying to catch the attention of someone else, hence the zealous efforts to dress up and look sharp.

1. She has started to hide away her things


Regardless of the fact that you are in a relationship or not, everyone is entitled towards their own personal space. However, if your partner is trying extra hard to keep you away from their phone, laptop, diary or other personal belongings, something might be up. Is your partner jumping to close the tabs as soon as you enter the room and is she constantly changing passwords? The chances are that they are trying to hide something from you.

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