20 Things That Show Your Love Without Words


Modern relationships are becoming more and more difficult to handle every day. The lack of communication and our busy lifestyles are two of the most common reasons for this. However, true love still exists, though we may not always recognize it.

If you’re in a relationship, you may wonder why you don’t get to hear the words ‘I love you’ very often. Worry not, this doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t love you. In fact, below are several ways on how people can say ‘I love you’ with their actions:

Check Items off the List


There are always certain unpleasant chores that no one wants to undertake. They could have been left hanging for quite some time. If you really want to prove your love, you could start here.

The task may be something as tedious yet simple as installing a fan in the bathroom. Neither of you wants to do it, nor does anyone want to clean the fridge. However, one person would sometimes take up the mantle and make the call or pick up the tools to get started. If that’s not true love, we don’t know what is.

No Blame Game


It’s life, and we’re all humans. Love hence lies in not making the other person feel guilty for their mistakes. They may have lost some cash or even crashed the car. What matters is that you both are together and safe.

Keeping this in mind, true lovebirds don’t focus on where their partner was lacking in care. They would moreover focus on fixing the situation so that they can get on with their lives.

Occasional Flirtation


It’s a huge myth that married people don’t flirt. In fact, they are the ones with the most opportunity to flirt with each other! Words of love may be few and far apart, but those sweet looks and little gestures go a long way.

Waiting Patiently


When you’re with another person, you sometimes have to wait for them. This could be waiting outside a dressing room, for the doctor, or at a restaurant. Show your love here by waiting patiently.

Sometimes we even have to wait outside for them to finish getting ready. If you skip the berating or sublicense, you may as well be saying ‘I love you’.

Giving of Yourself


Love also involves giving your time, attention, and energy to the other person. All the words in the world could not compare to your presence when they have an important day or a difficult one. If they’re venting, love means being a shoulder for them to cry on. If they’re rejoicing, you’re just as happy for them.

Moreover, love also entails paying attention even when it’s not a major event. It could be just a talk at the end of the day, but eye contact and proper attention are the need of the hour.

Cleaning and Clearing


Partners should share in the burden housework equally. And if one person does a little more at times, it’s a profession of love in itself. Your significant other may have left that glass out after having some juice. There’s no harm in your picking it up and vice versa.

On the other hand, showing your love could also be something like picking up after yourself. Even if your partner stays at home all day, they shouldn’t be expected to pick up your dirty clothes. It’s a simple matter of respect, which the person you love absolutely deserves.

Riding Out the Storm


The challenges you face in everyday life may increase when you’re committed to someone. However, these are actually easier to face when you’re a team. Hence, love is also about sticking around for the tougher parts of life.

When you get married, you make a commitment to weather our anything that befalls the both of you. This could be any kind of sickness, an accident, or a career block. Whatever the case, true love is about staying when it actually counts.

Being Vulnerable


If your partner is sharing his or her secrets, listen to them and make them feel safe. They are actually telling you about their love for you. We only open up to the people who are a safe anchor in our lives. Moreover, we trust those people because we love them.

Love is hence about being vulnerable in front of one’s partner. We may pretend to be strong when it comes to the outside world, but your partner is the one you come to cry to.



If you see something cleared away, your love should prompt you to acknowledge it. We do a lot for our loved ones every day. When they notice and appreciate it, the resulting feeling is just about the best thing in the world. Even the tiny acts of love and kindness take some effort, so it’s nice to be acknowledged.

For example, you may pick up some apples just because your spouse mentioned he felt like having them yesterday. You may have had to go out of your way and maybe deprive yourself of lunch. He doesn’t know all that, but his appreciation and thanks would mean more to you than what you had given up.

Staying Quiet During a Fight


Fighting is a part of life, whether it’s between spouses, siblings, or parent and child. One may not want to even think about love when such things are going on. However, if one person manages to stay calm throughout the fight, they are saying ‘I love you’.

Sure, a stubbornly silent person may seem irritating when you’re angry. However, an angry retort could escalate the fight up to very serious levels. So it’s best to show your love by staying silent, letting the other person cool down, and then initiate a talk.

Laughing it Away


Everyone has some annoying habits. This may be something serious, such as snoring. On the other hand, it could also be something very trifling, such as insisting on everything being listed. The sign of true and sincere love is that you laugh at these habits instead of becoming annoyed by them. If the snoring goes away by turning them to the side, chalk it up to exercise and push away!

Being Considerate About the Small Stuff


If he takes out the car, he would either fill up the tank or leave enough for you to get to work and back. It’s simply a matter of considering the other person’s convenience and trying to make sure they’re put at ease. This also goes for not using up all the hot water or using the last of the flour to make his favorite bun.

All of these could be incredibly little things, but they say a whole lot. Professing love also means saving the other person from those little frustrations in life. This becomes a habit even if it means depriving yourself of some small luxuries.

Giving Space


Loving someone doesn’t mean being cuddled up together all the time. Nor does it mean dragging the other person into your interest every single time. Sometimes, it also means allowing them to have a night out with friends of their own

They don’t have to be your friends too.

On the other end, they would also show their love by giving space to you. This could be as simple as staying quiet when you’re reading a book or watching your favorite show. We all know how bothersome interruptions can be in such cases! Always demanding attention is not quite a healthy sign in a relationship.

Staying Connected


We all have busy lives, goals to accomplish, and a routine to follow. However, we also have access to smartphones, several chatting services, and many mediums. Saying ‘I love you’ is not always necessary

Sending a text, voice message, or email just to let your partner know you’re thinking about them is a sure sign of love. It would only take a couple of seconds but could create an unbreakable bond over the years.

A Support System


As we grow older, we may want to undertake several things we didn’t have the opportunity to before. For instance, you may want to take up some courses, finally get your college degree, or start a healthier lifestyle. Your spouse would show his love by having your back even if they don’t understand or agree with you.

Moreover, love is shown in making compromises for such situations. He would take over the school run if you have a class, or scout out a health food store in the neighborhood. This would tell that they take you and your happiness seriously. If it comes at some inconvenience to them, they don’t really mind.

Patching Up


Every couple has their fights. However, staying mad out of pure ego is something that could chip away at a relationship. Hence, show your love by being the one to start making up. If you truly love one another, you don’t want to stay mad for long.

One should not think that apologizing first is a sign of weakness or giving way. You’re both on the same side here. Show your love by proving this and having the courage to take the first step towards reconciliation.

Prioritize the Bond


Making an effort to put the phones down is a true expression of modern love. With social media crowding us, it can get difficult to just focus on the relationship you have. However, any kind of relationship takes a lot of work, especially marriage.

Love can hence be seen when you plan a date night every week or think about having a vacation for just the two of you. However, this expression doesn’t have to involve big expensive plans. It could be something as romantic and bonding as an intimate talk on the porch every night. In other words, seeking out and enjoying each other’s company is just like saying ‘I love you’ every day.

Praise to Others


If you think your partner has done something worth praising, make sure to appreciate it

This sometimes means that you tell other people about what they do. However, take care that it doesn’t seem like bragging. Your intention should be to make your other half happy through praising him in public. It should not be to show off your happiness to others.

It’s easy to show your significant other’s caring nature in your social media. You could surprise him or her by clicking the flowers they brought you. Tagging them in the uploaded picture would probably give them a nice surprise. However, it’s even better when the praise is in real life. For instance, thank them for looking after the kids when you two are out with mutual friends. You could also praise their cooking if that applies.

Be Prepared to Help


A very telling sign of love is that you feel responsible for helping out your partner. Show that you care by looking to see if they’re struggling with the groceries or any other burden. It could also be something like laying out their clothes if they’re getting late for work.

In other cases, love may be shown by helping out your partner in serious cases. This could be assisting them to walk if they have an injured leg. Sometime, though, one can’t really help out directly. Your significant other could be working on an extremely difficult paper or presentation. They may be struggling with a difficult situation at work.

However, those who really love their partners would try to help them out in any way possible. They could do so by taking over their other responsibilities. For instance, you could make dinner while your partner finishes their paper. If the problem is ongoing, you could offer to change up your routine so they can concentrate more on their work.

When we truly care about the other person, we share it in our thoughtful gestures and concerns. It is best if the thoughtfulness is on both ends, though. So don’t just be content with receiving these attentions from your partner. Reciprocate as much as you can, and also throw in a few words of love for good measure!

Let them Travel Alone


Contradictory as it may sound, this is a sure of showing your partner that you love them. Letting them go on their own adventures means you trust them and love them to the extent of giving them absolute freedom.

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