The Dating Mistakes You Keep Making Based on Your Zodiac


Ever wondered why a date with a seemingly interesting person turned out to be boring beyond torture. Your impression of them was one of the most exciting guys who is witty and intelligent but turned out they are nowhere near those expectations. A date with a social welfare worker made you think they are full of empathy and understanding however they are anything but. These unpleasant surprises will not only ruin your date but also make you realize that it is hard to judge a book by its cover.

Instead of wasting your time and energy on unsuccessful dates equip yourself with the knowledge of your Sun sign to have a better idea of what to face in your next date. Interestingly people do correspond to their Sun sign traits so it is not a bad idea to read about your potential date’s sign and be aware of their associated shortcomings. Infact you can learn about your own negatives and work upon them to have a super smooth date the next time around. You will have a vague idea of what to expect from the other end and will be better prepared yourself for that special someone you are dating. We all make mistakes but consulting our Sun signs and avoiding them may make us into a better person. After all we are all on a journey to self-discovery and awareness and constantly adjusting ourselves to be a better human being.

Following is a discussion of the major traits that are to be found in an individual corresponding to their astrological Sun sign. The characteristics discussed may not be entirely accurate but will inform you to a large extent of what to expect. It will at least pass off for an interesting read.

1. Aries


They are self-interested and self- absorbed. If they set their mind on one thing they will not accommodate any other input until or unless they achieve that goal. They have this tendency of shutting everyone out and deal with problems according to their own priorities. Their partners may feel neglected and ignored as they go on and on about their own interests without actually learning when to stop themselves and let other person contribute to the conversation as well. If you have this sign there is a natural tendency to become irritated if someone else is trying to take charge of the situation. After all it will be in direct conflict with your own tendency to have control of things.

2. Taurus


Taurus people have their own unique take on things and they like to set the pace and mood according to their whim. They will not easily conform to other person because stubbornness is an integral quality of a Taurus. This rigid behavior gives them a devil may care attitude as they try to assert themselves strongly in a social setting. This also has to do with their ultra-sensitive ego which they will try to protect by acting tough. They need to sit back and have a more relaxing attitude towards life and show more flexibility in order to become more endearing to others.

3. Gemini


They believe in mental stimulation and are always quick to make light jokes and laugh on even the slightest of excuses. Their friendly attitude makes them approachable and a great individual to hang out with. The problem is their general clumsiness in every aspect of their lives. They need to allow themselves to evolve a bit more on the mature side of things because always taking things in a non-serious attitude may put off other person. It may not only look a little too superficial but Gemini people themselves will appear lost when needed to contribute on more comprehensive matters of life which need serious reflection.

4. Cancer


The biggest problem with you guys is over the top sensitivity issues. You will be easily brought down with emotions even if the intent was not there. You are wound up tight and this show in your interaction with other people. It inadvertently put others on their guard when they are around you so as to avoid hurting you in anyway. You will do well if you took matters a little less seriously and focus on lighter side of things. Do not jump to conclusions and give others benefit of the doubt instead of breaking down in tears yourself.

5. Leo


The world does not revolve around you and the sooner you realize that the better. Leo is exceptionally proud and their super-sized ego roars away any one else trying to make a connection with them. They want others to notice their awesomeness and revel in the attention they receive. It will be more romantic to act in a bit more friendly manner instead of imposing on others your misplaced sense of egotism.

6. Virgo


Their biggest problem is the exceptionally high standards they set for themselves and expecting everyone to conform to their idea of how things ought to be. There could be different ways to accomplish a thing and it’s ok if things are not picture perfect. You should find it acceptable if others do not meet your pre-determined standards. Just be more accommodating with others and start to accept the imperfections which are present in everyone.

7. Libra


You are always in a hurry to make things work out. You need to slow down and step back a little. Instead of rushing through life enjoy the little moments that come along. Usually you overlook those rewarding moments and fail to appreciate them because of that unexplainable urge to consider everything in its entirety. It is ok to have a big picture in the head, but that should not distract you from the tasks at hand.

8. Scorpio


If you are Scorpio you have a tendency to be a bit dramatic. You feel you need to over react to everything even if it does not concern you. They believe their audience share the same hype as them hence it is totally ok to add flair to their actions. Sadly no one shares their dramatic and often emotional take on things and they are usually alone in that. It is better to look for someone who shares the same attitude and energy as you otherwise you are just going to waste time of yourself and probably drive other person away.

9. Sagittarius


They are generally tactless specifically in making conversation and do not realize their flaws unless the other person points them out to them. They try a little too hard to appear as a person who is utterly comfortable with the most difficult of subjects and talk with such passion that other person may be driven away. It is not that attractive to appear knowledgeable and imposing to your date when you could be having an original discussion without any pressure to prove anything. It will not only make other person more comfortable but also make you appear original and not artificial.

10. Capricorn


You look at the cover of the book and conclude all the contents with a self-assured authority. It is in your nature to label a person based on the way they carry themselves or the way they talk or their social status. It will do you much good to stop listening to your gut instincts for once and let the other person actually convey what they are all about. Without even making a conversation and passing judgments is unfair to that person. Instead of measuring them on a superficial scale give them their space to explain their side and make an attempt to listen to what other person has to say instead of listening to your predisposition on the matter.

11. Aquarius


The main and visibly only problem is that you are ultra-selective about your partner. You are anxious of falling in love with the wrong person so you bid your time and wait for that ideal person who will be perfect in every sense. The fact that you set so many conditions on your future date means you might overlook many opportunities to find your one true love. There is no guarantee the person you think as ideal may turn out to be imperfect two or three years down the road. So learn to accept other person with their baggage, the good the bad and everything in between.

12. Pisces


They need to have their feet firmly planted on the mundane realities of this earth rather than daydreaming scenarios in their head. It is not so endearing to appear aloof to what other person might have to say. You need to appear focused and caring, so that other person may feel they have someone genuinely listening to their problems. You need to be in the present to actually connect with the other individual, which is only possible if you stopped your habit of thinking too much in your head. Just focus on the tasks at hand and rest will fall into place.

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