10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Marry In Early 20s


When we are in our 20s, We experience a lot of new things. We discover our self, and of course, we go through different relations and try to find our life partner. But at the same time, we want to get established, educated and free from every responsibility. At that time, we know the very small corner of the world.

Marriage, Many girls want to get married in their young ages but there are more and more girls who are choosing not to get married. In many cases, young marriages don’t work because the couple is not mature. They could not be able to make any proper or reliable decision. So now, many young people avoid getting married in their early age.

Trying to find yourself with someone else sounds a lot more difficult in your early age.

Why one shouldn’t marry in their early 20s, here are some reasons.

1. Your Life Just Begun

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When you get in your twenties, you start living your life. Before that, you are busy in your studies, exams, and college/university life.

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2. Education Should Be Priority

Your education must be your priority. Many people say that you can continue your education after getting married but no, this is not possible after marriage. You cant even concentrate at that time. After marriage, you go through different responsibilities, that you couldn’t find time for study. Its best to get done with your education first then get married.


3. In The Early 20s, You Don’t Know What You Want

You are still immature, you don’t know what you really want in your life, then how can you make such a decision so early for this responsibility.


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4. You Are Thinking To Get Independent

When you complete your studies, you think to get independent. It is the most important thought that hit your mind in the early 20s. You think you should be able to lead a life on your own and getting married in the 20s would not help to achieve this.

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5. You Want To Travel With Your Friends

Obviously, you can travel after your marriage, but the time you spend with your friends is always more enjoyable. Must travel with your friends before you get married.


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6. You Don’t Want To Compromise

When you start your life, with your own decisions you don’t want to compromise on anything. But in marriage, you take a lot of decisions with your partner’s choice. This seems annoying in the early 20s.


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7. You Get Selfish During This Time Of Your Life

In this age, you think most about yourself. Why you don’t care about other people because your twenties are naturally a selfish time.


8. You Want To Date And Experience With More Wrong People Before You Get Your Perfect One

You want to give yourself time. You want to date with different people and want to know about their thinkings. You don’t want to go in a relationship so early.


9. Marriage Can Take Away Your Goals

If You are single, you can plan or set your goals with your own decisions but if you are married, you have another person’s life to consider.


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10. And Because Weddings Are Expensive

Aside from all reasons, you think Marriages are the most expensive decision you ever make. You have to look your financial situation before you think you should get married.


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