10 Things You Should Never Ever Share On Social Media


In the past few years, social media has become an important part of everyone’s lives.


Facebook is a great social tool for the modern century. On your Facebook account, you are describing your feelings, experiences, celebrations, just yourself while sharing to the whole world in a single click. As you are revealing all the happenings of life to the world of your family, friends and beyond, there are 15 things you should absolutely never, ever share on any social media profiles because It can spread rumours, stir up trouble, and be a place where people with not-so-nice intentions lurk.


Your Relationship Problems

It is dangerous to post about your fights with your friends and family because people are not there to help you out. They only judge you with their own perceptions.



Embarrassing Stories About Anyone’s Life

When it comes to posting something embarrassing about someone else, whether it be your spouse, friends or children, it’s best not to, unless they give you the permission.



Your Personal Information

If you post any personal information about yourself, anyone can easily access that information, and now they know where you live and how to reach you.



Something You Don’t Want To Show Anyone

If You really hate your present situation, it probably is not a good idea to post about it on social media. It will definitely come back to bite you.



Your Financial Information

Privacy gives you an authority to avoid those people who are jealous of you. Beware of what you are sharing as you might not have any idea about the way it may be used further.



Political or religious opinions

We have freedom of speech but your social circle can depict a wrong impression of any of your opinions on the political or religious matter.



Avoid copy and paste status updates

Don’t give an impression to your friends that common sense is rare to find in you. Copy and paste updates circulate every day but that doesn’t mean you will swim in the same water.



Your Travel Plans

Do not share your travel plans on social media as they’re occurring. If you want to share all the perfect pictures you took on your trip to the mountains or tropical vacation, post it when you get home.



Complaints About Work

Whatever your particular situation is, it’s always best to keep your complaints to private, share these conversations with trusted friends or family. There have been many people who were fired due to things they posted about their workplace on social media.



Anything You Might regret In Past Year

Would you regret posting it in a year, when your life may be different? If the answer is yes, then refrain from sharing anything


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