6 Disgusting Things That Happen During Your Menstruation Process That Are Actually Normal


Menstruation process is completely normal and is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Girls bleed for 7 days and survive. It’s incredible. Periods are normal for a woman but that doesn’t mean they are not disgusting and weird. Only Women can understand how legitimately gross periods actually are. There are some absolutely horrible things that happen to us when we’re on our periods.

Periods are a normal, natural aspect, that’s why there needs to be no shame speaking about them. There are a few elements that people hold quiet, they’re afraid that they’re not normal. If we don’t communicate about things, it leaves us questioning and wondering.


Below are 8 disgusting things that happen during menstruation period that people stress about, but are actually normal.


Everytime You Notice Clumps Down There

Clots and clumps are normal during menstruation process. That clumps are the part of the uterine wall that sheds when we menstruate.



Your Discharge Is Of Brownish Colour

You will be familiar with normal discharge and its colour.When your period is on its end then don’t panic with the change of colour from brownish to whitish. It’s totally normal. It is for cleaning away the last of the period blood.



Sometimes You Feel Overflow

In the starting days, you will feel overflow but it’s normal in first three days of periods. Don’t panic, it’s normal to overflow when you sneeze and sometimes when you take steps and stand.



Sometimes You Feel You Have To Go To Poo Again

We all know very well that how periods affect our vags.You might wonder if it’s just you that has the urge to go poop during your period, but it’s not. Period poo is a normal thing. Without taking it too seriously, it happens because of hormones and cramps.



When You Are On Your Periods, If Smells Different Down There

All vaginas have different smells. That smells changes during your periods from a number of things that includes. It’s normal to have different types of smells during periods.



You Fart More During Your Periods

It’s not the food that is forcing you to fart again and again. It could be your periods. It goes along with period poops, bloating, and cramping. It is because of the fluctuation of your hormones.


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