10 Clear and Subtle Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

As they say actions speak louder than words do and certainly your body language does talk more than your words. If you are seeing a girl for a long time and she is showing following signs means you have made positive progress in your relationship with her and she really wants to take things to second base.

1. She is comfortable being physical with you


If she is not shy of wiping away some cream from your lips or just hugging you and uninhibited with being comfortable means she is into you. Still it is better to reciprocate and best way to do that is to simply ask the question about where the relationship is headed. Communicate and let her know of your feelings towards her. At least you would know if the relationship is moving towards something significant.

2. Makes an effort to get closer


There will be a noticeable shift in her attention towards you. She will be finding more and more opportunities for you both to be together and private as well. For example calling you over for movies and asking for cuddles or if things are really looking up a sensual massage. All these things let you into her personal space suggesting she has let her guard down and draws pleasure with your company.

3. There will be definite sexting between you both


When the day is over and you both finally get free from work and other distractions you resort to the sexually suggestive exchange of texts and pictures to get through the day without them. In this day and age sexting is a very large part in a couple’s life. It is really serious if a girl starts sending descriptive text messages and scantily attired photos of her. She might start to talk about her preferences or might want to know what you like to do in bed even before getting to the bedroom.

4. She would be interested in your dating history


When she starts to talk about how many dates you have gone to and how did you guys ended up having sex indicates she really wants to know whether you have safe sexual practices or not. Besides this it also shows her concern about whether you are sexually capable or not. Your honesty will make her understand that you are responsible and all for safe sex and that will help her ease into the intimate relationship.

5. She invites you upstairs to her private room


This does not mean if you get invited to her home you just go beast mode and try to be intimate. Keep things slow and simple and just don’t be too much carried away by your passion. Let her set the pace on things and make sure you are only following her. If she clearly indicates things like calling you to her private room or being very clear about the intimacy stuff should you make your move. If you are following her moves closely you would understand when the time to move in for the kill is.

6. She licks or bites her lips while talking to you


Whether consciously or sub consciously but if she exhibits these body language signs there is an indication of longing in them to be with you in a more intimate setting. In fact it is one of the strongest indicators she wants to sleep with you.

7. She openly discusses sexual scenarios with you


There should not be an iota of doubt left in your mind that she really wants to take the relationship to that next level and be intimate with you.

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