11 Signs the Nice Guy You Are Dating Is a boy in Disguise

It is never easy to find a sincere individual in a relationship. For some it is only a means of time pass and they don’t even consider a relationship as something which is significant or meaningful. These kinds of guys are very successful at manipulating their partner into feeling they have a wonderful relationship while in reality they are only bidding their time until they move on to their next ‘project’.

That is right, to them landing a relationship with someone is like winning a trophy and as soon as the relationship stops having fun anymore they will move on to conquer other ‘trophies’.

Such guys are very successful at masquerading as the good guys while the truth of the matter is anything but that. Following are few of the signs you can take into account when dating such immature guys to save yourself the time and trouble to invest in a relationship only to find heartbreak at the end of it all.

1. Keeps his social media private especially if you are involved


This behavior of keeping low the fact that you are his girl is one indication he wants to keep his record squeaky clean for other potential dates. Hence don’t be surprised if he comes up with excuses as to not sharing your pics as couple online.

2. Most of the time they are busy


Typical behavior of a Fuckboy to pretend they are not available all the time when you call them however they will find the free time on their own accord. If a person truly loves someone they go out of their way to arrange a date or to spend more and more time with them. This behavior of only seeing you when it is convenient for them is definitely not cool and also super suspicious.

3. He could charm his way right into your pants


Since we have already established the fact that these guys are master manipulators they will play with your mind and make you look at things from their perspective. It might be that they are at fault but they will make it seem like you are responsible. You could also sense that he is always trying to be at his best appearance wise and more often than not it is to please his other interests and not just you.

4. He engages you with his conversations


This is a given because naturally the more of a smooth talker they are the more chances they have to make girls believe in them and be attracted to their personality. Of course they need to be skillful at it in order to have increasing prospects of relationship.

5. Never makes an effort to call you


It is always you who end up texting them or calling them. If they are so much in love with you they will try to spend more and more time away from you by texting or talking. They will miss you dearly when apart. However if there is complete radio silence from their side is a clear indication they are not interested in you as a long-term prospect.

6. Never introduced you to his friends or family


If a person is truly attracted to another individual they try and incorporate that person into their life more and more. If he really loves you he would definitely want to introduce you to his friends and family. This is natural to expect if they really see you as their potential partner. However they try to keep silent on the matter and may get annoyed if asked to arrange a meeting with them.

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