Incredibly Easy Sex Move That Will Give More Authority to Women

Have you ever wondered, which sex-position is the best? We’ll all sex positions are pleasurable, some stand out, giving women more authority over men.

Cowgirl riding is one exotic sex-move. This is a position in which the woman is on top while her partner rests on his back or sits during the intercourse. It is one of the most popular moves ever known.

If you are thinking to explore this exotic move, it is a really good idea. Knowing its pros and cons will help you gain more confidence doing it.

The cowgirl position isn’t just popular, but also proves to be beneficial in some cases. This position is most commonly practiced by pregnant women, women who had a child recently or men who are recovering from an illness or disease as it allows woman to be more in control of the rhythm and lets men relax on their back on enjoy it.

On the other hand, some expert have proved it to be the most dangerous sex-position, as it puts men in vulnerable situation, one which can end in penile fracture.


In 2014, the staff of ‘Women’s Health Magazine’ surveyed over 800 men, which position they like the best. The cowgirl position stood second with doggy-style being the first one. Although the ranking changed with each vote, the cowgirl continued to rank high.

A man who already tried this position was asked, why do men love it so much? His answer was “Love being able to see her on top and really getting into it. This position also lets you feel her and stimulate with touch of fingers at the same time.

For men who are bulky and in size and overweight or with little more muscles, this position will help your lady feel more comfortable. On top of you, she will be not be suffocated and will give her more control over thrust.


According to experts and many pregnant women, this position works well during pregnancy. Not only it gives women more control over speed and the deepness of penetration, but there is also no pressure on women’s belly either.


‘Skyn Condoms’ surveyed over 2800 individual women from ages 18-34, and they ranked the cowgirl as the 3rd most popular position.


Some more advantages for ‘women on top’.

1. You’re in charge

2. You have control over pace.

3. You get a good workout.

4. Better orgasms

5. You know your angles

6. Your hair doesn’t get messed up.

7. Both of you have a better view.

They say while having sex, variety spices up life. With women on top, you can get plenty of it. You can experiment variety of different moves with reverse missionary, reverse cowgirl or even coordinate a sitting position.


With cowgirl position in motion, the penis is not pointed down at her clitoris. Because of this you will require more focus towards the stimulation using your hands or a toy to do so. In addition to that, a man’s blood flow is moving away from the tip of his penis. Hence you gotta work harder now.

Now coming to scary point. This position is the leading cause of penile fractures. Even though the penis lacks a bone, it can still fracture while erect. According to a report published by ‘Advances in Urology’ about half of the penile fractures occurs due to this position. This happens because of repeated landing of weight on erect penis. If this happens, do not wait a single moment and seek medical assistance immediately.


This same study also revealed that 29% of penile fractures happen because of doggy style, while 21% because of missionary. So eliminating cowgirl position will not solve the issue and will not guarantee safety. Both partners should be aware of their comfort level.


If you are a woman and about to have a homosexual encounter, penile fracture isn’t possible in this case. If you are using a strap-on, make sure to thrust gently in the beginning and pay attention to how your partner responds before picking up pace.


So there you go. You have all the information to practice and enjoy cowgirl position, in fact all the positions if you are careful enough.


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