15 Tweets That Show You How to Win in Married Life

Something every married couple should know is that the key to a long and happy marriage is not to take things too seriously and to have a sense of humor.

Let’s look at some tweets which solidify this very statement. Can you relate to any of them?




4. That’s especially true if your SO hogs the entire bed!

5. Ignorance is bliss I suppose?

6. On a more serious note, please do not do this, ladies!

7. I wonder what he was actually thinking!

8. This sums it all up, doesn’t it?

9. We all know how this is going to end.

10. Anything and everything become victory in marriage.

11. So, is it good flirting or bad flirting?

12. Oh, Mark. You innocent soul.

13. Snoring is the worst thing for a couple! Well, for one of them it is.

14. When you ask your SO to stop being so extra.

15. This James dude has got it all.

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