9 Things Guys Don’t Understand About Women!

Men, such a wonderful classification of a species… Funny, smart, educated… And mighty fine…

Also full of pointless opinions, clueless about women and their needs and desires and don’t understand what to do when it comes to women!

Ahh, men. Not all men! The following article is about men who know nothing, like Jon Snow, about women or maybe they’re lack of understanding even after hundreds of explanations, but then again we guess it’s because they either stop reading, listening, watching or just being mentally present after a period… Anyway, here are ten things you shouldn’t get mad at them for not noticing because I guess it is not their fault for being so clueless about women or is it?

Your makeup ability!


Women and now men have picked up new and creative ways to use makeup to their benefit, to either help conceal or improve their imperfections that they’re not fond of! Famous YouTubers like Desi Perkins, Nikki Tutorials, Manny MUA, Tati Westbrook, have all helped out young and aspiring artists and makeup lovers and users alike! But, in reality, do our significant others notice? I mean, how many hours have you tried to ‘cut-crease’ but were unable to get it to the exact alignment you needed It to be? I think more than you can count, how many hours or years did it take you to find that perfect foundation match? We’ve all been there but do they notice- well our survey proved to be right, many said that they could not even name the beauty products to let alone noticed it on their baby girls face… But yeah, ‘something looks different.’ Geez, thanks for noticing… But lucky for women, they realized the only reason they needed makeup was to feel good about themselves and for other women because how many hetero men have come up to you and said that your eyebrows were on point or that eyeliner could kill a B*****.

Also- Please don’t tell me that growing and shaving off a beard doesn’t have the same effect as makeup…I mean, come on! ‘Different person’!

New hair, he doesn’t care.


Unless you’ve completely shaved your waist length hair and painted your scalp red, we’re pretty sure he won’t notice. Our survey observed that men did not notice when their counterparts got a haircut, a dye or a blowout. Well, lucky for us we didn’t get it done for you!

I guess we’ll have to take Coco Chanel’s advice

New Jeans, Old Jeans, Short Jeans and Blue Jeans!


After spending all morning in the store, going through all the jeans; white washed, dark blue, navy blue, light jeans, light gray, distressed jeans, you know, jeans, you finally find the perfect ones that with your waist and your thigh (wouldn’t that be the day). You walk in feeling mighty fine with your brand new jeans looking all fly and feeling yourself; you ask your man, ‘So… what do you think? Do you like or love?’ and he answers, ‘hmm, yeah they look alright’… At that moment you just want to let out the most agitated scream!

Why girls take forever to get ready


Whoever told you that girls take forever to get ready, was right because it doesn’t just take 2 minutes to look this good!
Girls and now guys love putting an effort in themselves! But it’s such a drag when they can’t find anything to wear! It is such a lengthy process to find something to wear, to feel good in it and then match shows and accessories with the whole outfit! Lucky for guys all they do is put on a semi clean shirt and jeans- they’re set for the week…Maybe month even!

Plus the music doesn’t speed up the process considering how they’re dancing most of the time!

Then there are some who just simply choose not to get ready in the last 5 minutes before leaving the house because they’re too busy looking at kittens playing with each other while in their towel!

For nights when you have to ‘turn-up’ pre-game drinks tart in the bathroom, try taking two shots and getting the wing of your eyeliner to be on fleek! The SELFIES- how could I forget the flashiest and selfies! It’s so important to have a picturesque SnapChat and Instagram worthy role of pictures in your gallery going to the toilet in groups.

Why girls to the bathroom in pairs or small groups?


Guys have often wondered why girls go to the bathroom together, well we’ve got the answer for you! It’s basically because no girl wants to go to the bathroom alone walking alone like a helpless little puppy, so what they do is ask a friend to tag along, and it’s a pretty big deal only the close friends are invited to ask!

And if you’re not asked- well, then you’re not a good friend, because the bathroom is where it’s at! No, what happens is that when girls walk into the bathroom this like they’re walking into a RSVP club only for them!

Plus the common courtesy is that if one of the girls needs to use the bathroom the rest of the group stares into the mirror touching up their makeup and hair! It’s the place where girls end up summarizing their lives in a few seconds and gossip about the guys they just left!

Shoes here, shoes there, shoes everywhere!


Well, to be honest, girls buy shoes that they love! Be it comfortable old granny shoes, to Valentino shoes and Louboutin shoes, and to day to day wear like Nine West and shoes from Nordstrom! It’s just that girls see them as investments for the perfect occasion!
Heck, some girls even have different styles and colored running shoes, why because they can… And they look pretty. Got a birthday coming up, they’ll have the perfect outfit and shoes that’ll go great with it! Your granddads funeral, they’ve got the shoes for it! Your niece or nephew is born, Perfect! Shoe girls (many) best friend!

Black-hole of a handbag


Another thing men don’t get or understand about women is their love for enormous purses. These purses have ending supplies! Who has that many napkins, a foldable pair of she’s, makeup bag within a bag, a straightener, some socks, first aid kit you know the basics.

Well, it’s not a woman’s fault for wanting to be proactive! I mean you never know when you might need that extra pair of socks and underwear.

Pads, Tampons, and Diva Cups.


Alright, alright, let’s talk about this, I’m sure, so many women have been through this! You get your period and send your man to get some pads for you because you’re afraid of the leakage. Well, you know all the paranoia that occurs when you get your period a little too soon and are unprepared. Your man goes into the sanitary pads also and calls you up, asking’ uh, honey, what do want again?’ you say anything just pick anything and hurry up, ‘ he comes back with pads- without wings…. At this moment you either want to slap him silly or just implode. But what do you do, you get out of the car and get tampons for yourself, when you come back he asks what’s the difference… You can see his facial expressions change from normal to weirded out to disgusted to really confused… While driving home, he asks you-so you stick that thing up there?’. Oh, Sweet baby Jesus, how does one strangle someone without actually strangling them!

But like I said before, it’s not their fault! They don’t know the difference! So here’s a table showing you the three basics:

To shave or not to shave- THAT IS THE QUESTION

3. It’ll grow right back.

4. Razors are super expensive.

BUT they end up shaving because it makes them feel beautiful in their flowy dresses and shorts, and who are we to stop them! But men don’t get that; some say that they love hairless women- when there is scientific evidence for hair growth in all parts of the body, but for others, it’s just gross. Well, you’d be lucky if a woman shaves her legs for you- or shaves anything for that matter because it takes a lot of time and a lot of precision, just like when you shave your face!

In all, Men need to understand many things about women. Whereas, women need to understand that men will never really, truly listen. I refuse to say that we need to listen to each other more because that’s something that’ll just go over their head, but I will say this, Ladies, YOU DO YOU CUS…

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