Kind of Woman You Will Always Regret Losing


Sometimes we come across a person who we take for granted and never really see the good they are causing in our lives. We fail to appreciate their many efforts to keep us happy and comfortable. These people are usually the ones we would regret losing in our lives since only when they leave us do we realize how good of a time we were having due to them.

She would give you several chances even when we let her down time and time again. She believes there is some good in you that is worth fighting for and staying. They will not abandon you despite your every attempt to make them displeased and hurt.


She is the kind of woman who will always be looking for ways to accommodate you as much as possible and adjust herself accordingly. She would choose to remain loyal to you despite you giving her every reason to feel betrayed since you never bothered to protect her interests or secrets.

She is the kind of woman who would gladly wait for you on your date out together and even when you do not show up she never complains about the change in plans. Even when you made her wait this much she will not rest the blame on you although the fact of the matter is that you are solely to blame.

She is the kind of a woman who never expects you to apologize and accept your mistakes. This is because you are mostly insincere or do not really mean anything in your apologies. However in some rare cases you did apologize for your mistakes she will accept your apology although there is a little reason for her to actually accept it.


She is the kind of a woman who will invest her time and energy in the relationship and will give her all to make it stronger. She genuinely believes in you and the good in you and that is what keeps her motivated enough to keep the relationship from disintegrating.

She is the kind of a woman who will always be there for you no matter how difficult it is for her to be actually in that position. She would afford the pain and step out of her comfort zone to support you whenever you need her and be dependable. However you would not be as reliable as you should have been to her in return. It does not matter if you are there for her or not she would not think in those terms and will always prove to be your best ally through good or bad.

She is the kind of a woman who will always manage to squeeze out time for you despite her having a very busy schedule. She will prioritize your time above her own immediate tasks even though you may find excuses and reasons for delaying and cancelling her time. She would do her best never to disappoint you although you might have disappointed her several times in the past.


She is the kind of a woman who will not delay at all responding to your texts or calls. She wants to keep it real with you and there will be no games she might play by not replying quickly or keeping silent on the matter. She would reply as soon as possible so that you may not feel deprioritized.

She is the kind of a woman who makes it so easier to make peace and love her again even though you make it so difficult for her to love you back.

She is the kind of a woman who will be very generous with you in her love and will not expect that you return in the similar manner. She would not set any conditions with her love or attention.

She is the kind of a woman you will regret losing once they decide to leave you for someone else and that will be better for them.

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