Here Are 10 Obvious Signs Your Partner Is Manipulating You

Sometimes, in a relationship when we are giving our 100%, we end up getting nothing. We give love, care and sincerity and we get nothing in return. Here are some of the most common manipulation tricks and simple ways to resist them. You can go through it and get sharp enough to handle such situations.

10. You are the only one guilty every time:


The one who manipulates you are so sharp and smart in nature that they blame you and makes you feel guilty every single time. They blame you for what you have not done but they picture the whole situation in a way that you feel guilty every time whether it’s your fault or not. Usually the people who manipulates are always close to your heart and soul. Your close relations do that most of the time, especially your partner. They play so smart that they you blame yourself for everything. Just try to be calm in every situation. If you believe that it’s true, do comment!

9. They are the victim:


Sometimes, your guy comes to you and tells you some misfortune stories that happened with him. This is trick is used by him just to melt your heart. He uses emotional blackmailing strategy in this situation. This uses this just to manipulate you and you think twice about it and do his work. Because girls are soft by nature and by heart as well. Never get confuse on a manipulators emotions because they are quite good at it and they get support from their dramatic emotions. Always play sensible and smart, not emotionally.

8. They always provoke you:


If a manipulator is out of question, he blames you for everything. This is just to provoke you. He use this technique that to get your negative emotions about of you and make you angry. And sometimes, he gives such lame and pointless reasons that you automatically gets angry and in result you shouts. In such situations, you can always to be to be stay calm and don’t give a shit at that moment. This is the best way to ignore such situations. If you agree with our advice then do share your comments!

7. They push you to make wrong decisions:


A manipulator never wants you to be successful in your life. They will always want you to make a wrong and regretful decision. So, they try to push you to make faster and wrong decisions. They won’t give you a second to think of the whole decision but he’ll ask you to make the decision fast. Sometimes, making a fast decision is good for all those girls who are confuse in nature. So, this technique is good for those girls. But a sincere and loyal partner helps you in making right decisions of your life. In such situation when your partner is trying to force you to make wrong decision, try to stay calm, hold for a second and make a wise and sensible decision! It is good to slowdown sometimes.

6. They don’t really care about you:


The manipulator just doesn’t really care about you. They try to show that there no one in life who would love you as much as they can but in reality, they don’t even care about you and your life. If you will try to talk about your problems and if you will try to share your feelings, he will ignore it firstly. Secondly, he will try to listen it or avoid the conversation. Most commonly, a manipulative partner tries to turn the whole conversation towards his problems. In such situations try to hide your feelings from him and share it with the people you love. Or a better option would be to get a better, more caring and loving person in your life because you deserve so much better, true me!

5. They say “I will die without you!”


No one in your life would love you more than your parents. Always remember this! Only your parents are going to love you unconditionally. There are only 10% that you get a guy like your parents who would love you unconditionally. So, don’t expect anything from anyone! When a manipulative partner says that, “I will die without you” or “I cannot live without you”. Don’t get emotional on it. Just be strong! These are the technique used by them named as “Emotional blackmail”. He will try to play on your feeling and try to show that he’s guilty but in reality he is one selfish person. Always remember this that this is one technique that it’s only a threat your partner uses to ensure their own well-being and secondly always remind your partner, that you are not responsible on his decision.

4. They try to impose:


One technique that manipulators use the most is twisting facts. He uses this technique that to make him comfortable in the whole situation and confuse you. He asks you that “didn’t I say this?” Or he will test you memory and gives no time to think! He plays this technique so brilliantly that you won’t get a chance to catch him. But you have to stay strong and control your emotions. In such situations, take a time to think! Rely on your memory only and try to remember the past. Try to insist you’re him that you remember everything, despite of not remembering.

3. They avoid discussing your common problems:


A manipulative partner will always try to avoid the common problems. He will show that he is fine and he doesn’t want to discuss the problem. It can be because he is afraid of losing the whole conversation and he knows that he is wrong in this situation. So, try to not get into the conversation with you on that topic. If the conversation starts, he will make the old arguments again and again. It’s just to change your standpoint. On such situations, never lose your point. Always stick to your point! And always remember that why you started the conversation because most of the time people forget what caused the whole problem and they lose the conversation.

2. They use different tricks:


The easiest technique a manipulator uses is the trick of love. He knows that you are emotional in nature. They will show fake love to get what they want from you. He knows that if he will ask something from you very nicely and with all his love and you will give that to him. In such situations, always try to make a rational decision.

1. They try to play dumb:


A manipulator tries to show that he is childish and he doesn’t understand. They use this technique just to be in a comfortable situation. Always be smart and never be emotional in such situation because the moment you will be emotional, he will win the game. If you agree with this, do share this in comments!

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