15 Things That Happen When You’ve Been In A Relationship For Three Years


1. The personal jokes that started at the beginning of your relationship evolve into the weirdest, most unexplainable things. A lot of the time the original joke is completely forgotten and you just have this whole new word/hand signal/nickname that you could never explain but will also never stop using.

2. And somehow, those same jokes never seem to get old.


3. Basically, you develop your own kind of secret language. If someone else were to read your texts, there would be full sentences that would make absolutely no sense to them.

4. The answer to the question “did I ever tell you about that time…” is normally “yes, you did.” Because long gone are the days of staying up until 2 a.m. swapping life stories — you’ve got ’em all now.

5. When your S/O mentions a friend you’ve never heard of, you find it verrrry hard to believe they’re a “close friend.” After three years, you know all the important ones.

6. You become one of those people who automatically say “we” and “our.” You swore it’d never happen but all of a sudden you start with the “oh, we love that bar” and “we’d love to come.”

7. Your partner becomes the one person you tell all the things you’re totally meant to keep to yourself.


8. You’re comfortable telling them about weird body things you NEVER thought you’d tell anyone who was not your doctor.

9. You can’t help but always bring one another up in conversation because, well, most of your stories involve them.


10. Though it takes time to completely open up, after three years you can safely be the brattiest version of yourself in front of them. And of course, you’ve seen all the worst versions of them too.

11. You feel confident ordering takeout for them and can normally guess what they’re going to pick from a menu.

12. You wake up one day and realize that you’ve picked up new interests completely by osmosis. Whether it’s a sport, franchise, or hobby, chances are if your person likes it, you’ll eventually start showing some level of interest.


13. After three years, there’s no offense taken if someone doesn’t feel like cuddling. Goodbye, dead arm.

14. You slowly witness yourself becoming that stereotypical long-term couple you once thought you’d never become.

15. And your dates are very different to what they used to be, but they’re always just as special. Even when they are a weekend BB&B run.


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