8 Definite Signs You Have Found The Right Person To Marry


o you’ve found someone, and it’s been going well. In a relationship, you basically have two options: to marry your significant other, or to break up with them – no pressure guys. Call me unrealistic, but I feel like you shouldn’t settle either. I feel like if you’re going to be in love with someone and potentially marry them, they should make you feel like no other love you’ve ever felt before. I know it’s not realistic to expect a mind-blowing, insanely perfect relationship every hour of every day (trust me, there will be bad days), but I think that being in a serious relationship means that you want to progress with that person and potentially even marry them if that’s what you have planned for yourself. Here are some ways that I think prove you’ve found the person you’re going to marry. Love-Advice-101, ladies, and gentlemen.

1. You’re Willing to Work Through Anything and Everything Together

This is important. You cannot marry somebody who isn’t willing to always try and work things out with you. Life gets hard sometimes. Things happen and you and your significant other will run into problems about your relationship, guaranteed. The difference between a temporary relationship and serious, possibly-get-married type of relationship is the fact that you and your partner are willing to work things out, no matter what. Some of the conversations will be uncomfortable and some of them will make you cry – but, you need to work through the hard things to ever experience the good times.


2. It’s Easy to Imagine Growing Old With This Person

Not to be weird, but I can’t wait to be a little old lady with my boyfriend (future husband) by my side. He’s the only person I’ve ever dated that I could picture growing up with. Life is crazy and we meet so many different people. I can’t imagine having a family, retiring and getting older with anyone else. Make sure you find someone you can imagine this with because it might become a reality.


3. You Share Similar Values and Life-Goals

Being married to someone means sharing your whole life with them and living life together, but you can’t really do that if you have completely different morals, values, and goals. They obviously don’t have to be 100% exact either, but I think it’s important to be aware of each other’s values and life goals and see if some of them match up. If your partner has different morals or values that make you uncomfortable, don’t ignore that. It will come up as a problem in the long run. And, no one wants to get married just to get divorced.


4. You Have Similar Living Habits

It’d be difficult to live with someone who is messy if you’re super organized, or a night owl if you’re a morning person. It’s not impossible, but it’s so much easier to live with someone who shares similar major habits with you. Sure, you two may not match up 100% of the time with everything, but if they’re understanding and you both are willing to compromise on things, it’ll be smooth sailing.


5. But, You Also Plan Realistic Things Together

My boyfriend and I have also planned out the type of bookshelf we need in our future house. Glamorous? No. Possible to fulfill so I can live like Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Yes.


6. They’re Your Number One Fan, and You are Theirs

I don’t even think you can be in a normal relationship with someone who doesn’t fully support the things that you want in life, let alone marry them. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t give you their full support. Even if your dreams seem silly, even if your goals seem out of reach – your partner should always support you 100%. Find someone who’s your number one fan, and marry TF out of them.


7. They Like Your Seriously Weird Quirks and Habits

You shouldn’t feel like you need to change the little things about who you are as a person in order to make your significant other happy. In fact, you should never change who you are to make someone else happy. The person you marry should accept the fact that you hate wearing pants (me) or that sometimes, in order to ground yourself on a stressful day, you need to lay down on the floor for a few hours (also me). The person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with will love the things about you that other people may find “weird.”


8. The Love Between You isn’t Selfish

You love each other without condition, and you don’t expect anything in return. Being in love with someone means that you want the best for them, not just the best for yourself, and I think that that’s important to know because you can’t base any relationship on self-centered needs and expect it to thrive. You realize that your relationship is a partnership, not just one-sided and both of you need to be happy in order for it to grow.


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