9 Signs You Are Dating A Real Man, Not A “Play” Boy


1. He Has a Decent Dating History

If your boyfriend has a safe and decent dating history, he will be a great partner for you. He is different than a play boy who is risky and doesn’t have cool dating experiences before.


2. He Doesn’t Look for Excuses

He is the guy who is committed and doesn’t come up with lame excuses for his mistakes. A playboy kind of boyfriend will always look for excuses to find reasons while a real man simply apologizes in case something goes wrong.


3. He Knows Your Weird Side

Everyone has a weird, awkward side to themselves. A guy that loves you for you who you are, is going to accept, and even love your weird, quirky side. If you have some funny “tic,” he is going to know about it, but he won’t make a big deal out of it.


4. He Knows How to Handle Your Period

There is a huge difference between a real man and a playboy type of person. The real man knows how to treat you when you are on your periods. He talks to you, he makes you feel engaged and tries to take you out for a movie. He never puts pressure on anything during your periods.

5. He Always Makes You Feel Positive

This is a special trait of a real man that he never lets other down rather he lifts them up. If your man has this quality and he makes you feel positive even when you are feeling down, he is a real man and you should never let him go.


6. He is Fun to be Around

A real man will make her woman feel amazed whenever he is around. If you are in a relationship with a real man, he is going to make you feel warm and excited.


7. His Love is Selfless

This will make all the difference. A real man will love you selflessly and has no personal gains from the relationship while a playboy type man will look for monetary benefits.


8. He Knows the Importance of Communication

A guy who wants to be your lifelong partner is going to know a thing or two about communication. He is going to know that not everything in life is about yelling and arguing in order to get your point across. Sometimes, having patience is all that is needed.


9. He is Passionate and Determined

He will have future goals together with you and includes you every time there is something about the future together. His passion and dedication towards his career and the relationship speak louder what he wants.


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