7 Telltale Signs He Is Going To Dump You


1. He Doesn’t Talk Like He Used To

There is an obvious difference between the two communications; when he wants to live with you and when he going to dump you. His communication is not the same and he seems to be angry all the time. If he talks to you when he needs something or you ask him something, this is a sign that he will dump you. A loving and caring partner should always find some time for a hug and a kiss.


2. He Fights All The Time

This happens in both cases. Anf when your man is fighting you all the time over little things, he wants to move away. The good days when he used to talk like he loves you are gone and just became memories. He will make you feel guilty even when you have done nothing wrong.


3. Sex Is Rare

When you are constantly fighting, there are no chances of sex. It becomes rare. He doesn’t think about the pleasant and the best moments that kept you two together. He is always thinking about other things, fighting, making lame excuses and he is not so passionate as he used to be.


4. He Wants Some Space

When your partner is going to dump you, he will tell you that he wants some space. He might be trying to figure out something positive for your relationship but if it lasts for weeks, he is not going to come back. His priorities will change and he will start spending most of his time with friends or someone else.


5. He Is Not Trying At All

When things start getting worse, he will not even try to find out the best possible solutions. Everything will be more important than you. He doesn’t care what happens and he is not worried about the relationship either. It seems that only you are trying to save this relationship.


6. His Priorities Changed

He will have many other things to do than to spend time at home. He will hang out with friends, enjoy parties and will come home late. He just wants to spend minimum time at home. And if he is at home, he will not care what’s going on. He becomes a total stranger as if he never knew you.


7. He Hints That He Will Leave You

When your partner wants to leave you, he plans about this some time ago. It doesn’t happen within a night. There will be clear clues that he is tired and wants to live separately or has found someone else.


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