9 Simple Ways That Guarantee Your Partner Will Never Cheat


1. Have Sex Regularly

A study of the newly married couples found out that people who have regular sex are more likely to remain faithful. The reason is they don’t feel sexually starved. Furthermore when you make out and your genitals touch, some hormonal shit happens that bonds you to your partner. Make sure you are having sex as often as possible.

2. Tell Them When You’re Horny

Sex is something that keeps both partners connected and they feel satisfied. If you tell your partner you are feeling horny, it will be appreciated no matter where you are, what you are doing. Your partner needs a reminder that they are dating someone who is as wild as they are. Sharing is caring so just whisper it in your lover’s ear, text or call them.

3. Have Agreements

Dr. Stan Tatkin, author of Wired for Love writes “Everything that is assumed doesn’t really exist.” Have clear agreements when you are in a relationship. These agreements are helpful to cover and understand each other. Let me put up an example, you both can have different opinions about dancing in parties, flirting with someone or going out with friends. In such cases, agreements work the best and let you make a lasting relationship.

4. Create Your Partner’s Interest

The most powerful defense against cheating is to not create cheating opportunities for your partner just like “prevention is better than cure”. When both of you are fulfilling each other’s physical and emotional needs, chances are few that either of you will cheat. Discuss your partner’s needs and examine how you will meet them. In short, never let it happen that your partner loses interest in you.

5. Create Your Own Fantasy

We all have our individual fantasies, but when it comes to creativity two are better than one. So trade naughty ideas and start outlining a doubly juicy narrative that you can both replay in your dirty imaginations whenever you please. When you collaborate with your partner in creating sexual goals, it comes in handy to never let your partner think of getting out.

6. Discuss Your Masturbation Routine

There is nothing bad in touching yourself even when you are in a relationship. Ask your partner what pleases them the most, how and when they masturbate and what leads to this. Share your routines with your partner as well. Sharing these routines with each other will make it easier for you both to jump immediately when the either party wants some freaky time.

7. Make Sure They Know You Want Their Body

Over the years, people fluctuate in weight and appearance. That’s part of the bargain when you sign up for long-term love. But no matter how fit or unhealthy your significant other is at any given time, they should feel like a sexy beast in your eyes.

8. Push The Envelope

Talk frequently and openly about sex, fantasies, and desires. Try new hobbies together to keep things fun, humorous and exciting. Laugh together, wrestle. Try an unusual class. Choose TV shows to watch together you’ve never seen. Ask other couple friends for ideas on trips and local experiences they have liked.


9. And Try This One

A simple reference can turn an otherwise asexual experience into a hilarious, memorably sexualized occasion. So be juvenile and make a dirty joke when it seems totally random, or mouth that popsicle like you’re blowing it just for kicks.

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