6 Symbols Showing That You Are Trying To Sabotage Your Relationship Unconsciously

Being in a relationship is both scary and excited. Sometimes we find ourselves very lucky to be in a relationship, but sometimes we find our relationship a little bit confusing. This all depends on situations. Actually, sabotage in a relationship is a slow action aimed at weakening the bond between two lovers. When it comes to their relationship everyone wants to be more concerned and more conscious. However, more often than not unconsciously and unwillingly we sabotage our relationship and ruin it.

1. You’re Stressed That Bae Is Doing Something Behind Your Back

Actually, overthinking sometimes effects the relationship and also make it the terrifying thing, even it is not at all scary, but actually, thinking matters a lot. Thinking about the relationship is not working anymore is enough to seek a relationship to the end.


2. You Cannot Forget The Past

Forgetting past is not an easy task, either it’s the past of your partner or it’s your own past. But the reality is if you need a healthy relationship you have to forget the past memories before entering to the new relationship.


3. You Have To Prove Yourself

Proving yourself right is always difficult in a relationship, and also sometimes it leads to separation.


4. You Are Living in The World of Fantasy

Living in the world of fantasy is not good too. As sometimes expectations like a fairy tale could also lead to breaking a relationship.


5. You Avoid Certain Situations

Sometimes due to the bad experience of past, you just avoid many situations and think that this relationship is going the same way as the older one was. And this thinking makes the space between lovers.


6. You’re Listening To The Critic In Your Head

For a healthy relationship, we always have to avoid the negative vibes. Sometimes listening to the critic in your head and overdramatizing everything makes the relationship complicated.


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